BitStarz Casino Review

BitStarz Casino is a premier online casino that is unique in its usage of Bitcoin as currency. The use of Bitcoin allows for faster international transactions to occur, low to zero fees associated with each transaction that players make, as well as an extra level of security and control so that players can be assured that no one can break into their accounts. BitStarz was founded in 2014 and has already acquired numerous awards such as “Best Casino of 2017” and “Players choice award of 2018” by the Ask Gamblers association. Their innovative and unique user interface keeps them ahead of the curve.


There are a variety of games to choose from that fit the skill level of the average gamer. Such games as “Barbarian Fury” or “DeadWood” offer players a variety of inneractive game play that suits its growing community of 2.5 million players. They also have more classic games to choose from such as “Black Jack” and “Baccarat.” With over 2,200 games to choose from their something avalible for everyone.


BitStarz also lists some inviting promotional packages. One such deal in their welcome package offers 20 free spins on just for signing up with Blitz Star. Another one called Reload Monday offers a 50% reload bonus of up to 0.25BTC on the first deposit of the day, every Monday. My personal favorite is their “Last Man Standing” challenge. This promotion offers the chance to win 5,000 Euros in a battle royale to see who can be the last player to wage 20 Euros each day.

Another really great feature unique to their site is called the “Provability Explanation” page. This page takes the time to break down how each game you play on the site is actually “provably fair and verifiable” which essentially means that the system is not stacked against the consumer or computer. This allows for unique independent outcomes to occur with each gameplay. They even break down the codes that are responsible for shuffling or rolling dice! This is a selling point of BitStarz that puts them a cut above the rest compared to other online casinos. They go out of their way to allay their customers concerns of bias by showing them how their computer modelling works to ensure independent and consistent randomness that can’t be manipulated by external sources.


Overall, BitStarz is a unique and innovative online casino that uses cutting edge technology, the security and anonymity of bitcoin, as well as fair and verifiable provability to ensure a well-rounded player experience. They’re large assortment and variety of games as well as their welcome packages, and excellent customer service ensure them as one of the best online casinos. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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